About Us

Houston Children Give Back started from a group of moms talking about their desire for their children to grow up knowing the gift of philanthropy. Within one passion-fueled month, these ladies with diverse backgrounds organized their skill sets and Houston Children Give Back was born – a not-for-profit organization for families to host hands-on and educational events benefiting chosen and established charities. You know what they say, if you have something important that needs to be done, give it to a parent.

With the goal to include their children in every step of the fundraising process from charity selection to event execution, the parents of Houston Children Give Back hope all of our kids will grow up with a global perspective, a spirit of gratitude, and a philanthropic heart. Want to know more? Check out our Mission and Vision.

Meet the families behind Houston Children Give Back, and be sure to connect with us across social media channels. We’re found on facebook, twitter, instagram and Pinterest.